Wir geben`s Dir schriftlich


We know exactly why you landed on this site.

Because you are curious 😉

And rightly so!

You want to know who we are?

Then let me introduce ourselves:

WIGEDIS is a registered trademark of LEXAL LAW \ CONSULTINGS owner Anahita Lotfi and since 2017 market optimizing in the field of typesetting.

Our team consists of energetic and qualified typesetters from the fields of law, German language and literature, administration and of journalism to write down your facts together. In doing so, we fall back on our many years of experience in

Area of written correspondence, with the knowledge of what is important when writing a document.

You are probably asking yourself why we write facts in writing?

Quite simply:

Because we know exactly that every interest can only be enforced in writing anyway.


Because the spoken word has no documentation value!

The high evidential value is only achieved through the written word. We have made this knowledge our business and would like to support you in asserting your interests

and offer you a sufficient evidence base for your own facts. Each of our pleadings is individually tailored to your circumstances.

We do not use any automated or ready-made texts, but rather deal intensively with each individual case and take the greatest care to ensure that your case is well-founded this into an optimized continuous text.

Wir geben`s Dir schriftlich!