Wir geben`s Dir schriftlich

Our Warranty

Because SAFETY is a top priority for us, we have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that your reported facts, documents and other information are protected and personal data from unauthorized access by third parties.

To this end, we make every effort to introduce internal processes that can guarantee internal security through regular checks.

We are aware of the fact that the matters submitted to us contain sensitive content, so that we have explicitly obligated each of our employees to maintain absolute secrecy about all matters concerning our customers, even after leaving our company.

You can be assured that we will handle any matter you communicate to us with the utmost care and will make every effort to include it in a written statement without going beyond the limits of official language usage.


We always remain polite, serious and competent.



Furthermore, we assure you that we will never pass on your facts to unauthorized third parties at any time or otherwise make them available or publish them.

We will only process your case in order to provide our services, after which it will be subject to an internal automated processing and deletion process, so that after deletion we can neither access your facts, briefs or documents nor reconstruct them in any other way.


We are 100% secure and discreet.



Our tips:

It is our great concern to sensitize you to also protect your digital file folder from access by unauthorized third parties:

Use a strong password which you renew regularly and do not give your password carelessly to third parties.

Also, make sure that you make regular external backups of the entire contents of your digital file folder.